George & Kathy Ross

Serving withTrans World Radio...

Location: Guam, in the western Pacific

Ministry: Frequency coordination, maintenance, and technical support for broadcasting the message of God’s word along the Pacific rim of Asia, with the potential of reaching well over 25% of the world’s population.

Background: George and Kathy are “home-grown” missionaries, being sent out on the field as members of Trinity Bible Church. Having grown up nearby in Georges Mills and Sunapee, both came to know the Lord through the witness of people at TBC. Their decision to become missionaries came as a result of a TBC missions conference in 1986.

Family & Birthdays: George (Sept. 27); Kathy (Dec. 30); anniversary Dec. 31 They also have three grown daughters: Amy, Crystal, and Lindsey

Address: 957 Cross Island Rd., Santa Rita, GUAM 96915 (Regular U.S. Mail Rates)


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